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Loop Mop Heads


Golden Star® Barricade™ Antimicrobial Wet Mop - 9", LG

Has built-in anti-microbial protection that never washes out. Its highly absorbent, 4-ply tri-blend yarn is pre-shrunk for true sizing. Available in soil-hiding green yarn, the mops have tough, double wrapped polyester headbands that help to eliminate yarn abrasion and drop down strands. Double tailbands eliminate snagging, improve performance and reduce labor. The first-patented formula resists bacterial growth, virtually stopping the rotting, souring and mildewing common in ordinary mops.  12/cs
Alternate #AST24-BDG9

Golden Star® Starline™ Blend Wet Mops

4 ply cotton/rayon dref-spun yarn is ideal for everyday mopping. Not pre-laundered or pre-shrunk. Long lasting, double wrapped mesh headbands. Looped-end construction resists tangling. Single woven tailband provides wide surface span and even coverage. Not launderable.
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Golden Star® Scepter™ Wet Mop - 9", Medium, Blue

Durable, energy-efficient mop. Synthetic blend designed to pick up and hold more water than traditional mop blends. Manufactured with a high concentration of antimicrobial fiber to provide bacterial resistance and superior longevity in healthcare applications. 50% reduction in drying time compared to cotton blended mops. Increased resistance to chemicals. Made with 9" reinforced polyester headbands and double tailbands for added durability. Date coded to prove product life.  12/cs
Alternate #AST16BSP9