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EDIC Fivestar Self-Contained Extractor - All Floor Unit

A small, self-contained unit with powerful brush agitation to clean carpets, hard floors & grouted tile. Weighs only 40 lbs, light enough for anyone to handle. 24" H x 23" L x 12" W. Vacuum Motor: 112 CFM, 2 HP. Cleaning Width: 12".  ea
Alternate #411TR
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EDIC Galaxy™ 3000 Automotive Detailing Carpet Extractor

Lots of heat, a single high performance 3 stage vacuum, and a low flow pump combine to yield squeaky clean interiors and faster dry times. Solution tank: 12 Gal.; Recovery tank: 11 Gal. Vac motor: Single, 3-stage; Water lift: 117". Power cord: 50' detachable; Electrical draw: 18.8 amps.  ea
Alternate #3139BX-EH
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EDIC Polaris 801PS/1201PS Self-Contained Extractors

For wide open spaces where productivity is the bottom line, the 800 and 1200 models clean quickly and efficiently. These larger self-contained units come equipped with dual vacuums to more thoroughly clean and dry carpets. The Polaris has a built-in silencer so you can clean without interrupting the workflow. Top quality construction, remarkable ease of operation and versatility combine for a machine that consistently outperforms the competition. Dual lift-off recovery buckets with no hose to detach allow easy emptying. Maintenance is a breeze as well, just remove two screws and open like a clamshell for quick internal access. Large wheels, adjustable handle and light-weight construction team up for easy handling and storage. Solution Pressure: 100 PSI. Vac Motors: Dual, 2-stage bypass, 200 CFM, 3.5 HP. Brush Motor: 4200 RPM, 1/6 HP.
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EDIC Polaris Self-Contained Extractor - 7 Gal., 100 PSI

Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush combine for consistent cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors. 39" H x 30" L x x17" W. 112 CFM, 2 HP vac motor. 4200 RPM, 1/6 HP brush motor.  ea
Alternate #701PS
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EDIC Supernova Self-Contained Extractor - 12 Gal.

Operates forward in hallways and other open areas, but with a simple pull of a lever instantly change to reverse to clean corners and other tight areas for a dramatic reduction in labor costs. Cleans in both forward and reverse! The patented two-way system provides unparalleled productivity in any setting-clean up to 4,000 sq ft in one hour.  ea
Alternate #1200PSN
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NSS® Stallion 818 SC Self-Contained Carpet Extractor-8 Gal

The Stallions maneuverability and deep-down cleaning make it the perfect extractor for restoration of small and medium-sized carpeted areas. Pump: 100 PSI, by pass, diaphragm type, 115 (110V). Vac Motor: 3-stage tangential, 1.88 HP, 120V. Brush Motor: Permanent magnet, 0.125 HP, 120V, 1200 RPM.  ea
Alternate #4800818
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