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Floor Finishes


MPC™ N-Dure Nano-Infused Floor Finish - 5 Gal.

A pure acrylic finish formulated with a non-additive that provides outstanding scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and durability. The nano-additive significantly improves leveling properties which allows the finish to be distributed uniformly, ultimately easing the application process. Because of its ultra-durable and low maintenance properties, it is the cost conscious choice for high traffic areas. This 19% solids styrene-free floor finish is well suited for scrub and recoat programs. Daily dust mopping and damp mopping, spray buffing, and mop on restorers keep your floors looking beautiful, even after multiple recoats. This finish will not yellow and can be stripped easily with conventional floor strippers.  ea
Alternate #NDR-05MN
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Brulin® Ground Floor ESD Floor Polish - 5 Gal.

Static dissipating polish - 18% solids. NOTE: Use ESD Restorer Cleaner.  ea
Alternate #101009-05

Brulin® Centurium 2000 Multi-Purpose Floor Finish-2.5 Gal.

Creates a high gloss that's easily repaired. We've designed a 22% solids floor finish with a gloss that increases with each & every burnishing. Can be applied by mops or applicators of any type.  2/cs
Alternate #101031-07

CP High Gloss Floor Finish - 2.5 Gal.

CP High Gloss Floor Finish.  2/cs
Alternate #CPMP-XCE-25B
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Diversey Carefree® Matte Floor Finish-5 Gal. Envirobox™

A versatile high performance floor finish without the high gloss. Designed to work on a wide variety of substrates and in many different maintenance methods. Provides terrific long-term protection. Performs well on linoleum, decorative vinyl and stone. Exceptional clarity with minimal gloss.  ea
Alternate #5104757
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elements™ E13 Synthetic Floor Protectant - 2.5 Gal.

A new generation environmentally friendly synthetic floor finish designed to work on any type of synthetic floor due to its exceptional durability and flexibility. This synthetic floor finish is specifically formulated to work on rubberized flooring due to its elastic properties that will prevent cracking. Meets today's need for a product that contains no zinc or other heavy metals that can be harmful to wastewater treatment systems. This low odor finish has the flexibility needed to protect a synthetic floor, while being tough enough to stand up to excessive wear on that occurs on synthetic sport floors. EcoLogo™ certified.  2/cs
Alternate #E13-25