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Floor Cleaners


MPC™ Rejuvenator Grout Restorer/Stain Remover-Gal

Deep cleans. Foaming action. Acidic formulation. Do not use on soft metals such as aluminum and galvanized surfaces as irreversible damage may occur. If contact should occur, flush with water immediately. Penetrates grout floors. Lifts soil to surface. Cleans and brightens grout. Excellent for removing hard-water scale, soap scum, grout haze, and rust. Powerful, non-fuming acid. Makes ceramic tile and grout look like new. Removes hard-water scale, soap scum, grout haze and rust. Do not use acid product on marble, limestone and travertine. Floor must be clean of all loose dirt and debris.  4/cs
Alternate #REJ-14MN

Stearns® Water Flakes® Neutral Cleaner

Ideal for a wide variety of surfaces, including terrazzo, marble, slate, vinyl, asphalt, ceramic and quarry tiles. Designed for routine maintenance on most floors. Removes soil from heavy traffic areas. Protects floor finish. Pine Scent. One pack makes 3 gallons. NSF Category Code C1; EPA Safer Choice.
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On the Spot Defoamer - Qt.

CP On the Spot Defoamer.  6/cs
Alternate #CPMP-140-06P
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Burnishing Days - 10 oz.

Burnishing Days, Cleaner/Maintainer.  24/cs
Alternate #CPMP-1630-10
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Ruby Neutral Cleaner - 10 oz.

Ruby Neutral Cleaner.  24/cs
Alternate #CPMP-1631-10
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Winter Days Cleaner/Neutralizer - 10 oz.

Winter Days Cleaner/Floor Conditioner/Neutralizer.  24/cs
Alternate #CPMP-1633-10

On the Spot High Gloss Spray Buff - Qt.

CP On the Spot High Gloss Spray Buff.  6/cs
Alternate #CPMP-FLS-06B
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Top Scrub General Purpose Cleaner - 64 oz.

CP Top Scrub General Purpose Cleaner.  2/cs
Alternate #CPMP-SUB5PN
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Stearns® Water Flakes® Floor Conditioner & Neutralizer

Granular formula neutralizes alkaline residue after floor stripping for better floor finish application and sealing. Counteracts urine odor in restrooms. Eliminates dulling, discoloring, and hazing. One water-soluble packet makes 3 gallons.  2/90/cs
Alternate #796
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MPC™ Emerald Floor Cleaner - Gal.

A totally synthetic floor cleaner designed for daily use in any floor maintenance program. It's slightly acidic pH will not damage the gloss or film of any finish and is effective at neutralizing harsh cleaner residue on the floor. Contains optical brighteners to enhance the beauty of the floor when it dries. Controlled foam makes this product ideal for use in automatic scrubbers. Will dissolve all ice melt and hard water films, and will never leave the floor with a soap haze.  4/cs
Alternate #EME-1

Perma Stand Up™ Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner - Gal.

Advanced formula technology, utilizing CSAD-0710, has allowed the development of this specially formulated, one step safety enhancing cleaner/maintainer. Can be applied with either mop or automatic scrubber. Will not cause a buildup with routine use.  4/cs
Alternate #1-70-04
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