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EDIC Bravo™ 300MH - 3 Gal.

Amazing 106" water lift in a 3 gallon package! No set up time, simply unload and begin cleaning immediately. Solution pressure: 55 psi; Vacuum motor: 2 stage, bypass. Handle: Adjustable, 22-37"; Wheels: 6"; Power cord: 25'. Electrical draw: 11.2 amps.  ea
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EDIC Bravo™ Spotter - 3 Gal.

The 19-pound Bravo™ spotter delivers incredible efficiency and power in a deceptively small package. Solution pressure of 55 PSI. 1500 watt, in-tank heater delivers high heat in minutes. Vacuum motor: 2 stage, bypass; Waterlift: 106". Handle: Adjustable 22-37"; Power cord: 25'.  ea
Alternate #339MH-HT
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Aztec Hot Spot Portable Heated Mini Cleaner

The most ideal tool for auto detailing, commercial and household carpet and upholstery cleaning. Heats to 200° F in minutes. Produces 102" of lift. 10' hoe with 3" detail tool included.  ea
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