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Aztec Grand Finale Floor Finish Applicator - 36"

A simple, rugged, floor chemical application machine designed to apply floor finish, concrete densifiers, hardeners and sealer quickly and uniformly. Available in a 24" or 36" pad width, and provides an easy, high-speed way to lay down a smooth, uniform coat of chemicals at up to 35,000 square feet/hour (3252 square meters/hour). Eliminates baseboard splash and puddling, all while reducing chemical usage by 30%. A battery-powered pump precisely controls the flow rate to a microfiber or looped pad. Quick and easy clean up. Works with most floor finish up to 40% solid. Adjustable pressurized application flow. Battery run time of 5-7 hours. 36" head assembly, microfiber applicator pad.  ea
Alternate #050-36
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EDIC CR2 Complete Restroom Restoration System - 17 Gal.

Touch-free system deep cleans where mop and bucket fail, leaving the restroom clean and healthy. Built-in chemical metering system. Vacuum motor: Single 3-stage; Pump: 600 psi/.85 GPM. Waterlift: 120"; Electric draw: 14.5 amps. Power cord: 50', detachable twist-lock, GFCI on-board.  ea
Alternate #2700RC
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Long Handle Motor Scrubber™ - 48" Telescopic

Includes scrubber head & handle, backpack & battery, 5 ft. coil cord, padholder, an assortment of the most popular interchangeable "twist-lock" scrub brushes, battery charger, and complete operating instructions and warranty. Battery provides up to 4 hours of "start & stop" use on a single charge. Cleans where there is no electricity! Compact and portable for all those hard-to-reach spots! Scrubber head is immersible in water! Lightweight (only 3 lbs.) w/comfortable "soft-grip" handle. 12-volt rechargeable backpack battery (only 6 lbs.).  ea
Alternate #MS1000
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Koblenz® LCK-50 Compact Washer - 6.6 lb Capacity

Space saver. Its compact design allows it to be stored almost anywhere in the home. Easy to move from one place to another. Easy to use controls. Automatic timer: wash time up to 15 minutes. Lightweight, only 25.5 lbs.  ea
Alternate #00-3049-4
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Aztec Sidewinder™ Propane Stripper - 30", 17 HP Kawasaki

The Aztec Sidewinder was designed for deep scrubbing and/or fast stripping of hard surface floors in preparation for top coat or restoring of tile, terrazzo or close fitted tile. The Sidewinder strips 15,000 (or 30,000 scrubs) square feet per hour with a 30' path and brush speed up to 1,150 RPM. 1 1/2 times faster than the nearest competitor. Three times faster than battery powered. Unique dual direction scouring action plus heavy brush pressure result in high productivity, with no side torque. UL and CGA approved, Meets CARB and EPA emissions standards. Pad Size: 10"; Pad Speed: 1150 RPM. Engine Speed: 3400 RPM.  ea
Alternate #P30KS17
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Aztec Guzzler High Speed Strip Solution Retriever

You can retrieve that spent solution at a rate faster than an automatic. Retrieves solution at a rate up to 25,000 Square feet per hour. Up to 50% faster than other conventional recovery methods. No motor, no batteries or electric cords to worry about. Small compact size with a dry weight of 65 lbs.  ea
Alternate #GUZZLER
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